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Helping businesses and individuals drive change and deliver results.

Office Meeting

Transform the way your business communicates
and responds to everyday opportunities. 

We specialise in helping companies develop their businesses through up-skilling their people.
We aim to deliver real change for our clients through tailored workshops, change
management and a clear, measurable, communication plan.

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Effective Speed Reading

This is a course intended for anyone who has to filter a lot of reading material. It is for those, fast or slow, who need to get through and remember more of their reading.  It is a course for all readers who want to improve both their speed and their comprehension levels.

The course is delivered by Jo Tydeman.

Writing with Impact

A course that aims to help writers be more efficient at writing and to ensure the intended response from the reader. It begins with planning short documents (e-mails, briefings), so that content is instantly relevant to the reader and then moves to longer documents, such as updates, assessment reports and executive summaries.

These courses are delivered by Jo Tydeman, Monika Morgan and/or Marc Brigginshaw.

Management and Leadership

How much leadership have you done today? A strange question, but managers need to know the difference between leadership and management, and then to actively put leadership into practice... however intangible that might be! We will develop leadership at every level of your business.

These courses are directed by Mike Williams.

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“Excellent course. Well delivered, entertaining and a very knowledgeable trainer.”

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