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Moving into Management

  • The first line manager role is unique in organisations as this person has the key role of managing non-managers. This brings its own challenges and for people new to managing others there is a lot to learn.

  • We deliver a course that is aimed at those new to management; those with a few months experience as a manager; or those you are looking to promote in the next few months.

Interviewing for Talent Acquisition

  • Successful recruitment is about finding the right person for the job. This means finding the person who has that unique mixture of first-class abilities and is a good cultural fit. Although simple enough it is often challenging to select the right candidate, especially in a competitive market.

  • This workshop is designed to equip anyone involved in the interviewing and selection process with a range of skills and techniques they can use to conduct recruitment interviews which are effective, within the law and fits with your company culture.

Managing Challenging Conversations

  • It is said that ‘variety is the spice of life’ but sometimes the range and diversity of people we come across can be really challenging. As colleagues and professionals, we all must work with each other and the rewards for doing so are clear, but it can require real understanding and skills to make working with some people a success.

  • As a result, this workshop is designed for leaders to extend their approach and understanding when dealing with difficult situations and challenging conversations, so that performance outcomes are much more effective.

Coaching Effectively

  • To up-skill staff to be able to coach effectively is such a benefit for them and your business.

  • So, from the workshop, we aim to provide delegates with a clear insight into the dynamics of coaching (and/or mentoring) someone and finding ways to hand issues back to the coachee, thereby encouraging them to find the solutions for themselves and create an action plan to address their challenges.

Influencing People and Situations

  • When we are persuading someone of something – whether bidding for resources, gaining support for a policy, creating a positive working relationship or winning respect from colleagues and customers – we are using our influencing skills.

  • Since this is pretty much everything we do in business, why not develop your staff to be better at it.
    We can help!

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