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Speed Reading

  • This 1.5 day course is intended for those who must filter a lot of reading material. It is for those, fast or slow, who need to get through and remember more of their reading.

  • Delegates will at least double their reading efficiency and so halve the current number of hours per day spent reading. Once learnt, it remains for life. It is a personal skill and does not reflect IQ - just each person’s response to different reading content.

  • Anyone with dyslexia is encouraged to attend. 

Writing with Impact (Reports/Briefs, etc.)

  • This course has been designed to allow participants – even if they are experienced and competent writers already – to examine principles, tools, and techniques, so that they can evaluate their own templates and performance against best-practice and consider approaches that may enhance their work.

Effective Negotiation

  • In the world of matrix management, flatter structures, project working and inter-professional multidisciplinary services, we often find ourselves needing to get something from those we don’t manage, and who perhaps don’t seem to think like we do. Very often the need to influence others involves the art of reciprocation (give and take) a vital part of effective negotiation.   

Managing Projects and Time

  • This course aims to develop competencies that enable delegates to take ideas from concept to successful conclusion by applying essential project management principles and skills.

  • We will introduce a range of tools and techniques that will enable delegates to specify, plan, execute and review projects successfully.

Presenting Powerful Messages

  • The aim of this course is to equip participants with the key knowledge/skill and attitude necessary to prepare and deliver presentations professionally and confidently, in a manner that will create positive impressions with their intended audience. 

  • Pre-work in the form of preparing a short (15 min) business presentation enables us to make the most of the time available and practice as much as possible. The key to successful delivery.

Resilience during Change

  • Since many of us work in constantly connected, highly demanding (and changing) work environments where pressure and the risk of fatigue is widespread, it’s more important than ever to build resilience skills to effectively navigate our (work)lives.

  • Based on the assumption that there is a concrete set of behaviours and skills associated with resilience, we can all learn to be a little more robust when faced with pressures at work.

  • The focus of this (could be a half-day session) is to:

    • Understand what stress/pressure is in the workplace – positive and negative stress.

    • Develop resilience – physical and mental coping strategies.


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